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There’s a few issues with the speaking business as it stands today.

But the biggest one, at least in our opinion here at SpeakerLink, is no one is focused on marketing.

And it makes sense. The speaker is out on the road, making an impact, doing what they do best: well, speaking.

And usually, they are partnered with an agent: someone enlisted with the job of managing their deals and opportunities.

The problem is: no one is actively focused on generating new opportunities. Most agents are simply “inbound” agents. Which means, they do a great job with the inquiries and offers a speaker gets through their website.

But, most agencies don’t cold call. And most agencies can’t justify breaking out a marketing budget for every speaker they represent.

So instead of trying to create a larger pie, they focus on maximizing every small slice.

This works great in the interest of an agent- not so great for the speaker.

But wait, there’s more bad news!

Say your speaking fee is $5K. And you get an offer for $3K that you decline. What happens to that deal?

Well, your agent refers it to one of his less expensive clients, and collects the commission.

But: it was your brand and your talent that created the lead! At first, this doesn’t seem like such a big deal. But then, if you go to invest in your marketing, you realize you are only able to maximize a small percentage of leads.

The vast majority of those leads become opportunities for your agent, but not for you.

Obviously, this can create resentment, confusion and negative outcomes for everyone involved.

So, this is why SpeakerLink was born: to partner with speakers on their marketing and help them maximize every lead, not just the really good ones.

We work with a simple three step formula to help speakers 2–5x their business within a year.

1) Sales Funnel
2) Marketing
3) Lead Management

If you fix any one of these three pieces in your business, you’ll see improvements. But when you optimize all three at once, and have them firing together, you’ll really unlock the full potential of your business.

While every speaker is unique, these foundational ideas apply to everyone.

You need to get more opportunities. You need to consistently convert those opportunities in to deals. And you need to find a way to maximize the opportunities you are saying no to.

That’s the SpeakerLink Formula.