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Twenty years ago, if you talked to a speakers bureau, they would say they were cold calling 24/7.

Today? No one is doing it.

What’s changed?

Well, a lot.

It’s difficult. It’s time consuming. It’s ineffective.

So it makes sense why that idea has died. It’s no longer valuable or effective.

And yet, it appears, if you walk in to a speakers bureau today and ask them what they are doing for marketing, you won’t get a very clear answer.

“Some online marketing stuff”
“Relationship building and networking”

You get the idea.

Because, well, the truth is simple: most agencies focus on working with a lot of speakers and making their money off whoever is “hot” in the moment. It’s cost effective, reliable, and doesn’t take a lot of effort.

Well, thats great for agents.

But what are speakers supposed to do?

You have a great message. When you’re on stage you rock it. But you want to go to the next level and unlock more opportunity. So where do you start?

The answer is: it’s never been a better time to market for speakers. Video is dominating the world and targeted digital marketing on FB and Google has never been more specific, accurate and profitable.

But; you’re busy. You aren’t going to bury yourself in Youtube tutorials to learn how to code or do Facebook split test ads or rank your SEO.

You need to find a trusted partner. And that is why we built SpeakerLink.

Because speakers don’t just need a partner in sales, they need a partner in marketing.

Someone waking up every day focused on creating new opportunities, new leads and new deals.

The tools are readily available, but you can’t trust just anyone with your brand and your message. You need someone who knows the speaking business inside out but also “gets” you and what you’re trying to accomplish.