Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

We are client focused and solutions-driven. What that means practically is: we first learn as much as we can about you, your event and your needs. We will figure out exactly what it is that would make your event a win and exactly how to deliver for you on budget. Then, we will come back to you with a proposal with the three speakers we would recommend for your event.

The reason we give you three is because while we think we understand your needs very well, no one could possibly understand them as well as you do. We will not stop our process until you feel 100% thrilled that you have found your perfect speaker.

We think the speaking industry is slightly broken: event planners come to agencies trying to find a great speaker, but they can only be offered speakers on their roster so, even if someone isn’t a perfect fit for an event, the agency will still “Strongly suggest” you to work with them. The reason is simple: it’s the only way they could possibly get your business.
We do things differently: we don’t have a roster of speakers who we have locked into contracts. Instead, we build incredible relationships with trusted speakers who we know can deliver better than anyone else. Then, when we have a good opportunity for them, we ask them if they would be interested. It’s that simple. We don’t believe you as an event planner should have a limited menu. We think you should be able to go into the back of the kitchen and make something that is going to thrill your audience.

In exchange for finding our trusted network of speakers wonderful opportunities, they pay us a commission. If you want someone who already has an agency commission deal, then we split the commission with the agency. We make sure it never, ever comes out of your pocket. Just tell us what you need in a speaker and we will not stop until you’ve found the ideal match, not just the one that could make us an extra buck.

Ultimately, we only win when you win.

We are proud to be experts in our space. One of the things we are immensely knowledgeable on is how to secure and unlock funding sources in your local community. Most event planners never tap into a fraction of the potential funding that exists to support them and we at SpeakerLink think that needs to change.

We are pleased to connect with you about funding, no cost, no fine print. Just reach out us here and someone from our team will be in touch within 24 hours to help.


We can help you through the process. And if on the off chance they are unavailable for your event for any reason, we can help find you similar speakers on message and on budget.

Our belief is that you should never have to settle when it comes to finding the perfect speaker for your event.

No problem.

Drop us a line anyways. The more we know about your event and the earlier we know it, the more we can do to help. Just send us a quick message with the situation and we can start thinking about how to make it a win when the time is right and you’re ready to take the next steps.